"Time travel with me."


The wait is officially up everyone! The stars have aligned in the present-time, so I reveal to you my album, 'Futuristic Past.' While some may say it's ahead of its time, this album promises a trip through history. 'Futuristic Past' represents my life on paper. Musically, this project will not be marginalized or fit into any descriptive box. This album features the lovely Crystal Foxworth and highly talented Kapela. So buckle your seat belts ladies and gentleman, the DeLorean will now be lifting off in search of the 'Futuristic Past.'

S.T.R.A.P's 2nd studio album.
Mixed down and master by Jacob W Muller (MixMaster Studio)
Executively Produced by S.T.R.A.P, Evaemon, Bigg Kid, Sunnie Moon, Meilani and Jay x Jay